intactile © DESIGN

Designing ease of use – is complex.

Intactile DESIGN elaborates and realizes digital interfaces
taking into account the position of the user. For this, we practice a design methodology where creativity and innovation express themselves in collective intelligence.



Integrating design in the early sessions of conception avoids reducing its effect to a final surface treatment and allows it to be really creative.

Our method is based on the idea that the opening out and the blending of business cultures are potential participatory design sessions. Creativity is born of dialogue between the different stakeholders: the business expert, the engineer, the marketer, the designer and, of course, the user. For the user is obviously at the centre of the design process. Questioning should revolve around user context and user issues.

The designer designs "with". Assembling a team of actors around a table offers a rich potential for creativity, essential for good co-design. The designer becomes a mediator between several disciplines. In turn, he listens, provokes discussion and synthesizes ideas, points out inconsistencies and puts forward design ideas.

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