Canto is a top of the range wireless HiFi system, controlled by a multimode interface of touch-pad and screen - tailor-made for a highly technical subject. The touch interface allows you to program the audio user system - managing the music (by title, album, playlist, similarity, etc.), connection/management of peripheral devices (import, export, copy), multi-zone (simultaneous playing of different content depending on the layout of the house). Soledge, creator of the Canto system, asked Intactile Design to co-develop and design the whole interface for system navigation, taking account of heavy industrial constraints. In addition to the design of the object itself - imagined in Corian® by Christopher Sparrow (Mo Design) and certified by the Observeur du Design in 2011 - Canto gives off a clean visual identity and enjoys optimum usability; a decidedly high-end device for music lovers.