Passers-by with their phone glued to their ear, a tourist with a tablet on the terrace of a café, screens inside trams, big screens in public places ... the digital world is everywhere in the city. The relationship of citizens to their habitat can find means of expression that require rethinking information, services, and inventing new forms of exchange. How can a citizen participate? With this in view, the city of Montpellier launched Montpellier Territoire Numérique. Cité des écrans was an integral part of this program, a study on the use of information technology and communication conducted by inhabitants. Intactile DESIGN was delegated to lead meetings about participatory design and invent usage scenarios.

We also carried out a 'Jeu 2 débat' on the theme 'The city of your dreams'.

Debate feedback from La ville de vos rêves on the City of Montpellier website.