FENICS / CORAC is a research project funded by DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority) involving Airbus, Thales, Dassault and a set of universities and SMEs. In the work packages Intactile DESIGN is involved into, three consortium partners:
Airbus / user needs
Intactile DESIGN / interaction design process focused on user experience,
with the support of Ingenuity i/o for its rapid prototyping environment based on djnn framework
ENAC/ djinn framework, created to facilitate the multidisciplinary design of innovative HMIs

Faced to fast changes of technologies, the aviation industry needs to develop tools to exploit the new modes of interaction. Designed during FENICS research project, IODe [Interactive Open Deck] is an exploration support of multimodal interactions for the crew. It allows testing of tactile devices together with sound, gesture or eye tracking recognition.

How the gesture recognized as relevant on multi-touch screens can be spread on distant screens thanks to movement recognition ? How to associate in a relevant way the eye-tracking interactions, gesture recognition and sonor command in an easy and natural flow? This interaction modalities have very specific qualities and combinations are numerous. Testing a large variety of usage, experimenting, in the body, how a technology resonates with an intention, allows to explore radically new experiences. Beyond the preferences of a particular user, the main directions are emerging.

IODe, a multimodal HMI exploration tool in “increased cardboard”

The experiment device is decidedly designed in a low-tech creativity, agility and flexibility spirit, allowing some variable finish quality levels. From the projection on modular support to the specific realization of tools on tablet, IODe allows to sketch easily some areas while working on others more precisely.

This research project is a continuation of a dozen studies realized by Intactile DESIGN for Airbus which led to three patents deposit.