Languedoc Roussillon region, co-leading with DREAL LR, was involved in the project of Regional Plan of Ecological Coherence (SRCE) aiming to propose to territory planning actors a map visualisation of ecological and socio-economic indicators. Associated with the CNRS (French National Research Center) laboratory CEFE, it has resulted in a mapping methodology of SRCE data allowing a better appraisal of the co-existence of human beings and Mediterranean ecosystems.

The region wishes to broadcast this data in a spirit of decision support to service planners. In order to develop its web pedagogical communication tool in 3D mapping, the region called upon Intactile DESIGN to design the uses and the graphical aesthetic. The IGO company handled the software development.

Intactile DESIGN attached itself to the readability of the various information layers that can be superimposed at different zoom levels, allowing the user to examine local issues while being aware of a broader context. Exploring the SRCE hexagonal grid also opens on data extraction services so that concerned people can take ownership of informations.