Intactile DESIGN teamed up with Syllabs, a French start-up specialised in semantic web solutions, Opta – world leader in statistics in more than 30 sports and Noma109 – community manager, to realize Stats n’Tweets app for Euro 2012.
The objective? To show footballers’ performances associated with their e-reputation resulting from semantic analysis of the Twitverse.

During the competition, 368 players were competing in Ukraine and Poland. Statistics and reactions on social media abound on an event of this magnitude, for proof 26 million tweets were analyzed in three weeks. Hosted by Eurosport / TF1, Stats n'Tweets app allowed users to follow in real time the evolution of the teams and their players – both in terms of their athletic performance and their reputation on social networks – and this over the entire duration of the competition.

The project goal in terms of information design was to transform raw data into information status. Based on millions of data, Intactile DESIGN imagined and co-designed this new digital sport experience with its partners. The challenge of the design was to successfully bring together on one screen different types of data evolving in real-time – making this information visible but also accessible without losing the fun factor of such an event!