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At the end of 2013, Intactile DESIGN began a collaboration of 2 years with the LabEx Archimede (Laboratory of Excellence for Archaeology and History of the Mediterranean and ancient Egypt) supported by the University Paul Valéry Montpellier and rated A+ by the International Assessment LabEx jury.
In this context, Egyptologists of the laboratory (specialized in lexicography) and Intactile DESIGN are jointly conceiving a Vocabulary of Ancient Egyptian (VÉgA), in order to meet a complex challenge: make a digital dictionary to replace reference books published throughout twentieth century, like the great dictionary of the Academy of Berlin (1926-1961).

The objective of the VÉgA is to create an interactive tool allowing to model and represent evolving knowledges in ancient Egyptian, grouping and intersecting words, their attestations, references, their exact spellings in hieroglyphics and pictures of the relative texts. Today, the user have to deal with dozens of articles, books and databases, more or less voluminous and scattered: this tool will allow him to access the information directly and immediately, according to criteria that he has himself chosen. The VÉgA should have several reading levels for each user, from amateur to professional, from student to the comparative linguist.
The global community of Egyptology will be invited to enrich it and carry it through a collaborative scientific work.