Operational decision-making throughout the chain of command must aggregate and consolidate increasingly dynamic and numerous strategic, tactical, social, cultural and operational skills.

To fit this context, the ACKSIS research project, funded by the European Defense Agency (EDA) through ICET 2 program, leaded by the Swedish FOI, strive to make military Command and Control (C2) organisation more agile i.e. more responsive, versatile, flexible and innovative of course.

By an associated use of C2 simulator (Sword, Masa Group) and an environment for conceptualization of operating theater (Casym, intactile DESIGN), the ACKSIS system optimizes the sharing, representation, manipulation and creation of information according to hierarchical levels and the situations of use, transforming information into knowledge suitably represented, workable and manipulable for the order construction and transmission, the operation monitoring, the exchange, the validation and the sharing of knowledge.

The ACKSIS system also allows to benefit from the assistance of external information sources like realtime or deferred information of what is said on social networks regarding an operation or that operation theater, including the sentiment analysis of local population.

The objective is therefore to improve the perception, the understanding and the analysis of a situation in all its complexity in order to enhanced collaborative decision-making and consolidate and accelerate the orders building.

Discover ACKSIS project in video during its presentation on Eurosatory 2016.