Project SOCUMOD (Social and Cultural Modelling of the Operational Environment and of Headquarters) is the first “Human Factors” Category B project to be launched by the EDA (European Defense Agency). It studies how socio-cultural distinctions, and awareness, can impact on the effectiveness of EU Force HQs, both in their understanding of and responses to the external operating environment. The project develops behavioral models that can be used in future training of HQ staff.

There is two phases. The first phase scopes the study based on exchange of existing information between five Contributing Member States (Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Sweden), while, at the same time, drawing up the plan for a more extensive second phase. During the second phase, knowledge models of EU Force HQs and operational environments are developed and evaluated by the French and Swedish contributors. The second phase is directly linked with the research project Vesta-Cosy and casym, our symbolic mapping tool.