Funded by DGA (Armaments Procurement Agency, french Ministry of Defence department), via the RAPID support, Vesta-Cosy is a research project in interaction design and computer semantic, focusing on the contribution of HMI and semantic technologies to decision support systems. Intactile DESIGN is the leader of this design oriented project, Syllabs company (specialized in web semantic) and ENSCI (French national school for advanced studies in design) are partners.

The objective of the project is to design a space for reflection, based on graph visualization, that allows to build his analysis, his thoughts while exploring different views and organizing arguments from various sources. The viewing stage and imagined interactions relies on the following three aspects:
- Navigate between synthesis and complexity, graphically perceive the subtlety of relationships between entities, the concepts of certainty, incoherence, groups, gaps ...
- Provide external web entries filtered or other local sources semantically processed.
- Receive feedbacks from knowledge models, behavior rules (business rules, doctrines, best practices, etc.).

This software for decision and argumentation support is designed around various situations of use from areas of geostrategic thinking, journalism, health care, project management, etc.

This research project sowed the seeds for the technological applications and concepts on which casym – our symbolic mapping and systems modelling tool – is based.